The Potential of a False Flag Attack~ Super Bowl XLVIII

The Potential of a False Flag Attack~ Super Bowl XLVIII

by Nick Long


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“A river issues forth from Eden to water the garden” (Gen. 2:10)

 The Potential of a False Flag Attack~ Super Bowl XLVIII

The Super Bowl is a “sheeple well” of personalities.  I do not mean exclusively the celebrity sheeple carted out for our entertainment pleasure, nor only the football sheeple that run the gauntlet of the field chasing a brown sheepskin ball  nor the sheeple fans in the stand that pay tribute to the glory of the event by standing in their allotted stalls….I mean the lot of them.

Figuratively and literally the Bowl symbolizes the stadium that holds a “well” of “Terach’s sheeple citizenry” that are by religious definition, mere idolatrous spectators .

Not since David Chase Taylor’s Book The Nuclear Bible  predicting a false flag attack on Super Bowl XLV, published in January 28, 2011 has there been no mention of the possibility of a false flag attack on the Super Bowl.  Taylor never received the  attention he deserved but by exposing the nuclear terror plot, he may have diverted WW3.

It is with this concept in mind along with my ability to see patterns and understand the paradigms governing the shaping of certain events, that I provide insight into a potential calamity .

Two US states, New York and New Jersey,  will work together to host the Super Bowl 48, event (the first of it’s kind). An event scheduled to be held outside with the possibility of a half-time show inside the stadium.

3 Stadiums bid on the rights to host Super Bowl 48, with the winning bid pulled out of the bowl for MetLife Stadium.


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The significance of the number 48 which can be found throughout the Torah,  is especially relevant in the games of tribute:

  • Torah is acquired through 48 distinct methods (Abraham by 48 had already completed the 48 )
  • 48 Prophets correspond to the 48 supernal sources of blessing
  • 48 Prophets are nurtured from 48 sacred “drops”
  • 48 attributes in the Mishnah connect to the 48 examples of the Torah speaking about wells (Hebrew term “be’er“).
  •   In the Midrash questions arose whether Avraham was 3 or 48 years old when he denounced
    Terach’s idolatry and recognized God


Super Bowl 48 scheduled Feb 2, 2014  (2+2 = 4 ~ 2014 ~ 20+ 14= 34~ 34+4 =38 + 48 = 86~ 8×6=48)

According to “certain” tradition and “certain” meaningful numbers….This Super Bowl may promise a well of change.  Taylor was correct in his assement but potentially wrong on the date.

In light of the obvious false flag attacks that have gripped American citizens in a heightened state of fear, the Boston Marathon, 911  and the Israeli connection (Israeli citizens were the first people arrested during 911) ; personalities must be willing to ask the hard questions of our brethren.

What mythologies, religious beliefs, mathematical formulae, special clubs etc, might certain people “believe in” that might impact our world?   And do those aforementioned mythologies, belief systems correspond to “The Potential of a False Flag Attack~ Super Bowl XLVIII”


The questions and answers may be in the near future to some but to me it is the cohesion of water drops that suggest that the well is near….


Rabbi Yehudah Aryeh Leib Alter

“This association is not merely coincidental but helps explain the role played by the 48 qualities which facilitate our acquisition of Torah. Through the 48 attributes listed in the Mishnah, we can penetrate beyond the surface layer of Torah (which itself is sacred and profoundly important) and plumb its inner depths, its wellsprings. By mastering the 48 steps through which Torah is acquired, we obtain not only a deeper understanding of Torah, but also a much greater appreciation of our own potential.

The human personality is comparable to a well; only a limited amount of water is visible on the surface but it is infinite in its bottomless subterranean assets. By applying the 48 methods of acquiring Torah which correspond to the 48 “wells” mentioned in the Torah, we elicit the tremendous wellsprings of Torah and the enormous potential to grow in Torah learning that lies embedded in every Jew. Each time we are called up to read the Torah, we allude to our own hidden reserves of spirituality, to these hidden wellsprings of Torah that we all possess, by proclaiming, “…and implanted eternal life [of Torah] within us” [from the blessing upon reading from the Torah] – our connection to Torah lies within ourselves”.


“A river issues forth from Eden to water the garden” (Gen. 2:10)



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